My 2021 Plans – Cinemassacre Update Video

Erin is completely fucked now that Mike is out.  

Recently, somebody on Reddit pointed out that her channel has been removed from the “channels” section” of Cinemassacre.  It’s true.  All of the channels are gone.  Mike’s channel was on there and the Screenwave guys.  All gone.

It was Mike’s channel.  He owned it.  So I suspect that he sold it, either to James or Screenwave.  And Mike is genuinely out.  

I don’t think that Screenwave or James are going to promote Erin.  Why would they?  They aren’t fucking her in the ass.  

How much good did all of this promotion do for Erin anyway?  People would go once, see what a disaster her channel is, and then never go back.  

Have to keep an eye on SocialBlade to see if anything changes.  But he hasn’t promoted her channel in a while anyway.

Maybe now is a good time to take Joe from GameSack up on his standing offer.  

James also mentions his autobiography in the video.  He says that it’s written but doesn’t have a publisher.  Well, that is the difficult part, James.  Lots of people write books.  Few get published.  The fact that no publisher wants to buy your book should tell you something.

It seems to be about his “movies”.  Who gives a shit about that?  If it was about his seven and a half years in special education and shit like this, it might be interesting.  But a scene by scene breakdown of Droppings aka Holy Shit?  Nobody cares about the “movies” you made as a child with the kids in the neighbourhood.  

Just publish it yourself on fucking Amazon.  They have some on-demand shit.  Fucking anyone can do it.

I remember a few years ago, I was looking up former classmates of mine and I saw that this one woman had a book on Amazon.  That’s odd.  She wasn’t much of a student.  But good for her.  

Then I checked it out.  It was about a fucking HAUNTED HOUSE!  What the fuck?  This thing must have been written in crayon.  And it wasn’t a children’s book, as far as I could tell.  The intended audience was adults.  

Now, obviously, Stephen King has written books about haunted houses.  So it can be done in a semi-intelligent fashion.  But this woman was no Stephen King.

James also mentioned his “band” in this video.  That’s more “content” that nobody wants.  Nobody gives a fuck about your dumb vanity projects.  You’re not going to become a rock star at the age of 40.  It’s just so awful.

How did he fuck the channel up so badly?  Make some videos about bad NES games.  This isn’t challenging stuff.  We don’t need the skits, we don’t need the special effects, we don’t need the backstory.  “Here’s Somer Assault.  Here’s why it sucks.  The end.”

On the one hand, he’s too ambitious and on the other hand, he’s lazy as fuck.  He does all of these non-AVGN videos, videos that nobody wants to watch, and he puts absolutely no effort into them.  

The whole thing seems like a giant chore to him.  This is his job.  If you don’t like it, do something else.  Maybe Jiffy Lube is hiring.  

And he talks about his fear of fucking coronavirus.  It’s ridiculous.  I mean, the man is mentally challenged so I don’t want to be too harsh but it’s still a little weird.

He mentions Screenwave and says that without them, he wouldn’t have TIME to make the videos.  Well, that’s damning praise.  

The goal shouldn’t be the mere existence of videos.  The goal should be GOOD videos.  He should be saying, “The Screenwave produced videos are the best AVGN videos ever made.”  He didn’t say that because he knows full well that the videos are awful.  

Finally, he mentions his daughters and thanks his “fans” for “supporting” the channel because without this support, his family would be out on the street.

This isn’t a fucking charity, James.  You have a JOB to do.  And this job won’t be around forever.  If you continue to put zero effort into this job, you’ll find yourself having to look for another job sooner rather than later.  

What the fuck is James going to do when AVGN is no longer profitable?  He should be shitting himself at the idea.  He probably likes the idea of shitting himself but I mean figuratively.

The mentally challenged get jobs at grocery stores and shit like this.  Minimum wage.  It’s going to be tough supporting your wife and two daughters on $7.25/hour.  

This fear of a very real future working a minimum wage job should be driving him to put as much effort as possible into making this Youtube “career” work.  

Take somebody like Adam the Woo, close personal friend of SuperVideoGameGal.  I used to watch his videos.  He’s in his late 40s and he makes travel videos.  He lived in a van for a long time.  There’s a whole genre on Youtube of people who live in their vans and make travel videos.

So this is what this guy did and still does but I think he rents an apartment now.  And he releases a video every day.  

He stopped for a while.  He was burned out.  So then he tried to make a video like once a week.  And then it became more frequent.  And then he tried doing livestreams to make money.  And then he tried doing bigger videos but less frequent.  But eventually, he went back to making videos every day.

His views are in the toilet.  I stopped watching him when he started making these whiny videos about “haters” and decided to stop making videos every day.  I think that a lot of people stopped watching him around this time.  

But he’s desperate.  And he knows that he fucked up.  So he’s trying to recapture the magic.  Too late.  Back to Walmart for you.

And that’s the reality.  The man worked at Walmart before he started his Youtube channel.  Then his head got too big for him.  He forgot what it was like to work a real job.  Well, get ready.  You’ll be back there before you know it.

And he’s just too fucking old to do these videos.  Physically he can’t do them.  You can see him struggling to walk.  A man in his late 40s can’t travel to a new city every day.  Living in a van.  Recording daily videos for Youtube.  How long is he going to continue this?  

The good news is that he’s currently in California.  So that Walmart greeter job that awaits him pays $13.00/hour.

2 thoughts on “My 2021 Plans – Cinemassacre Update Video

  1. you hit the nail on the head, git. jimmy is just that: ambitious and lazy. with it comes a lot of entitlement along with his penchant for taking things for granted. starting with the “autobiography”. only people who are highly successful bother to write autobiographies, and they usually don't do it until they reach late middle age at the earliest. so i don't see this project going very far. at best, it's going to be just like with the “movie”. the whole merit will rest on the fact that he wrote a book, just like he never says anything about the movie except that his objective was to make one and that is about it. no sense of standards or self-criticism. mike might have become fed up with this too and decided to distance himself from him.

  2. You think Mike has saved up any of that 2011 height of AVGN money?? Probably not . He’s almost 40yrs old and he NOW wants to start a steaming career. I tweeted him Walmart is always hiring

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