SuperVideoGameGal's New Job with Screenwave Media

“I am extremely lucky to announce that I am working for Screenwave Media! I will be part of their community management team! Thank you all for your love and support over the past few weeks. I am so excited to be part of this team!!”

And there’s a weird picture of her showing the Screenwave logo on her laptop.  She’s pointing at the logo.

To give some backstory, she lost her job selling Disney timeshares a couple of months back.  Then she talked about how she found a new job.  So this must be the job she was talking about.

But she lives in California.  Screenwave is in rural Pennsylvania.  Presumably, she can work remotely.  “Community management team”…what the fuck does that mean?  Moderating their Youtube comments, I would guess.  Deleting “negativity”.

Yeah, Screenwave has a job listed at the moment for a “Channel Outreach”…position.  And it says that you can work remotely but have to travel to Buck County, Pennsylvania “from time to time when possible”.

It’s part-time but they expect you to travel to events and conventions.  They mention “sales” a few time but I can’t figure out what the job even is.  

Maybe this is the job that she got.  She seems to have the skill set for this job.  She has experience selling shit that nobody wants.  

Perhaps she can utilise the skills that she gained in the timeshare industry to Screenwave.  Offer “Youtubers” a free three day vacation if they just attend a short timeshare seminar.  Then once they arrive, it’s a high-pressure sales pitch to get these people to sign up with Screenwave.  

So who replies to this comment?  It’s a veritable who’s who of the hottest retro “gamers” on Youtube.

Max Mariner congratulates her.

He gave up on Youtube to concentrate on his tiny Twitch channel.  Lives in Los Angeles.  “He/him”.  Now, I thought for sure that this was a woman dressed as a man.  I mean…you just look at the pictures of him.  And the fact that he put “he/him” raises doubt.  I mean…why would anybody who “identifies” as the gender that they born as feel compelled to tell people their “pronouns”?  

But then you listen to him talk and…I’m pretty sure it’s a guy.  If that’s a woman, she doing a great job with the voice.  Sounds authentically masculine to me.

Justin Silverman posts a gif of some Monsters Inc thing on that Epcot Center ball building whatever it is.  That’s funny, right?  He found a gif that really captures his true…whatever.

Jenovi sent his congratulations.

He has 11,000 subscribers on Youtube and is promoting a documentary about video games.  Hey guys!  You like video games?  They’re alright, I guess.  But I have other interests too.

Yoshi Yu congratulates her and says to keep him in mind if she needs an artist.  Why would she need an artist as a part-time salesperson?

He’s not a “Youtuber” but he gives his IMDB page.  He has a bunch of credits as a visual effects artist.  He also has some stuntman credits and acting credits.  He also says that he’s a marine and enjoys mixed martial arts.  Where does he find the time?  He’s also on Twitter a lot.

Oh here we go.  I was skipping over some nobodies but finally somebody of note.  Kinsey Burke.  You know…the fat woman from the Metal Jesus crew.

Oh, she also gives her pronouns.  She/her.  Well, that’s helpful.  The tits were a clue but now it’s confirmed.  

Metal Jesus himself congratulates SuperVideoGameGal.

He doesn’t give his pronouns.  So…I’m lost.  Is Metal Jesus a chick or a dude?  Without the pronouns, I’m totally lost.  He has long hair like a lady but he has a beard like a gentleman.  Who knows?  I’ll just use “zim” to be safe.

Somebody named Kelsey congratulates her.

Interesting profile picture.  It’s her surrounded by three large black guys.  These are wrestlers, I guess?  There’s a Royal Rumble backdrop.  It says that she enjoys Motown.  Huh.  Motown, you say.

It’s a fat white woman who likes black guys.  I mean…what do I care, but it’s a little weird to be so up front about it.  

KevinKenson congratulates her.

This guy has 750,000 subscribers on Youtube.  He must be doing something right.  Let’s check it out.  

Oh, lots of cute thumbnails.  He’s always wearing a beanie even though he lives in sunny California.  Hair loss?  A lot of “reaction” videos.  His mouth is agape in most of these thumbnails too.  Can I put something in there, Kevin?  Is that what’s being suggested, cutie?

Ooh.  Speaking of cute men, JOHN RIGGS congratulated her.  And SuperVideoGameGal replies with “Thank you for your support, always!!”.  Yeah.  John is ALWAYS there for the ladies.  Even married ones like SuperVideoGameGal.  Well, John Riggs is also married so that’s not a barrier for him.

Retail Archaeology congratulates her.

I think that I’ve watched some of these videos.  He has 95,000 subscribers.  They’re okay in small doses, I guess.

Some guy who worked on “QA” for the recent AVGN game says:

Sounds like a dream job come true! From my encounters and experiences with members of Screenwave, they’re really awesome, friendly and fun-loving folks. Congratulations!

Now…I mean…dream job?  Really?  Part-time, nebulous, home-based, sales job for a small company in rural Pennsylvania?  What depressed bastard is dreaming about that?

But SuperVideoGameGal says, “I completely love the entire team there! I’m so excited. Thank you so much!”

How did she even fucking meet the “team”?  It’s just…I wouldn’t want this.  I wouldn’t want any of this.  This is the last job that I would want.  I’ll take telemarketing over this.  Everything about it sounds awful.  And I’m not saying this because it’s Screenwave.  I don’t have any particular problem with Screenwave.  But the job sounds shit.

Some woman (I assume) replies with, “Oh dang dude!! Congrats!!”

Watch your pronouns.  I think that SuperVideoGameGal identifies as a woman.  

Ooh.  Erin Plays replies.  She replies with a…racist gif of an emotional black woman.  

Now, Madam Fomo also replied with a gif of an emotional woman but that’s a white woman.  So…is it racist to post stupid gifs of black women but not racist to post stupid gifs of white women?  It’s a difficult question.  These are complicated times.

I think that I have a solution, though.  Don’t post stupid gifs of anyone.  Fucking take two seconds out of your day to prepare an original idea and type it out.  These fucking stupid gifs that these brainless morons on Twitter use.  Fuck off.  

Then SuperVideoGameGal replies with her own wacky gif.  This is just great.  This is Lincoln/Douglas shit right here.

And then yeah, SuperVideoGameGal replies to Madam Fomo with “Thank you friend!”.  Umm…we all know what Madam Fomo does for a living, right?  She’s not working at Screenwave, I’ll tell you that. 

I wonder how that comic is going, by the way.  It’s been almost a year now.  Has there been any progress?

Then a black guy posts a racist gif of an Asian woman saying, “You deserve reward.  Take a chocolate bar.”

Broken English and playing on the Asians as convenience store owner stereotype.  Uh huh.

So SuperVideoGameGal thanks the gentleman for his racist gif.  

GrandStandGamer says, “Congratulations sweetie”.

This is some like 60 year old guy.  “Proud Englishman”.  Lives in South Carolina.  “Liverpool FC Supporter”.  Because he’s a proud Englishman, you see.  Proud Englishmen sure do love “football”. 

They also enjoy, it would seem, not assimilating.  This dude has probably lived in the US for 30 years.  He’s still going on about fucking English shit.

He tweets, “RIP Sir Sean Connery”.  You know.  Because he’s a proud Englishman.  He likes to use the nobility titles.  

There’s a small group of people in the UK who are at all interested in that shit.  They tend to be old and conservative.  Nobody else gives a fuck.  

But this guy is playing a character.  He’s playing the character of the English “toff”.  Because he knows that Americans don’t know any better.  This is just some fucking old, fat, loser from Northern England.  Not some member of aristocracy.  

He does this to try to pick up “birds” half his age.  Even if they’re married, as in this case.

TonyBones also congratulates her.

#AntiFascist #AntiTrump #Democrat #BlackLivesMatter Pōlexican hecho en Little Village.

Right.  Well, it’s good to stay busy.  I wanted to be a Pōlexican in my youth but my grades weren’t good enough.     

He has about 1000 tweets on the election.  Just from the past four hours.  He doesn’t seem to care much for Trump.  Okay.  That’s cool.  Any other interests?  

Who gives a fuck what this buffoon has to say?  His 500 followers?  It’s just such a waste of a life.  Find something else to obsess over.  Finding a job, for example.  I’ll even accept finding a girlfriend.

So that’s SuperVideoGameGal’s new job at Screenwave Media.  Fantastic.  I’m all about these gamer grrls finding employment.  But…this?  I’m not sure if this even counts.  

I don’t know.  If it keeps her away from Youtube, I’m for it.

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