Donald Trump NES game – Destiny Fomo

(This is a vintage Destiny Fomo review that I’m re-uploading)

Madam Fomo’s least popular video (in terms of views). Clocking in at 2 minutes. Thanks for make an effort.

In the thumbnail, she’s wearing a Rey Mysterio Jr mask. Odd.

Oh. This is a hit piece on Commander-in-Chief Trump. She’s pretending to be a news reader and she has a giant prop “fake news” script.

0:45 – I…oh. I understand the Rey Mysterio Jr mask now. Madam Fomo, after reading some weird thing about Donald Trump wanting to re-make an NES game called Zombie Nation (or something) but with Trump’s face in the game. Fomo then shoots to an on-the-scene correspondent for some “gameplay”. This correspondent is Madam Fomo in a luchador mask and a little wrestling outfit.

She’s pretending to be Hispanic. Odd. I thought that Madam Fomo was Hispanic but in a later video, she says that she’s black. Maybe she’s mixed race black and Hispanic.

Then it’s back to anchor Fomo and she says, “Is this going to be a chicken head summer?” I…what?

This whole video is completely insane. None of it makes sense. I didn’t do it justice. You have to watch for yourself. It’s only two minutes.

I gather that it’s some…bizarre attack on Donald Trump. Take that, Trump! I made some kind of weird video game…thing…about you.

It annoys me that people get worked up about this shit. A couple of years ago, I was on Tinder and some young Canadian woman matched me. I live in the UK, as does she. In my profile, I mentioned that I’m an American. So she says, “One question. Do you support Trump?” I said, “Well, he’s certainly no Justin Trudeau. Anyway, how are you enjoying Scotland?” She unmatched me.

This woman, who was from Canada, who lived in the UK, who as far as I’m aware had never even been to the US, was trying to talk about politics to me, somebody who hasn’t lived in the US in 15 years. On a dating site. Hey, madam, you want to get a coffee and maybe have sex later? Great. Political talk? No, I don’t give a fuck about that. And we all know how Justin Trudeau turned out.

I went on a Tinder date recently with a Danish woman. Just making conversation, ask if she’s ever been to the US. “No, I don’t go anywhere where I don’t agree with the politics.” Oh. This must really limit your travel options.

Never in my life have I researched the political scene of a country before booking a holiday. Fucking nobody does this. Except, apparently, this woman.

Then she starts asking me who I support in the election. “You mean the American election?” “Yeah.” So I explained to her that I have no interest in this, none of these millionaires represent my interests, so I don’t vote. She looked at me like I had two heads.

If you’re living in the US and you want to take an interest in this boring shit that you have absolutely no control over, be my guest. Make all the wacky video game-related anti-Trump videos that you want. But people living outside of the US getting worked up over this shit? Why? It has nothing to do with you. You’re living in the UK, if you’re interested in justice and equality and whatever else, focus on bringing about social change in the UK. Isn’t this blindingly obvious?

I can assure you that people in the US don’t give a fuck about British politics. Why, as somebody living in the UK, would you take an interest in US politics? Fuck off with this tedious shit. Bunch of simpletons.

Anyway, check out Madam Fomo’s video. It’s…something.

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