Ranking the Gamer Grrls

John Riggs has been doing these stupid Tiermaker videos regularly of late.  I thought that this shit was old hat by now but he’s bringing it back.  He’s *nostalgic* for Tiermaker, I guess.  Here’s his latest piece of shit:


Tomorrow’s video is going to be “Ranking Every Cereal First Released in 1987”.

So let’s get to it.  I couldn’t actually do this on Tiermaker because you need a Twitter account to register.  And if you actually read that Tiermaker website, it’s unbelievable.  There’s a list of rules and the guy who owns that site is obviously a giant asshole.  Dude, it’s a fucking tier making website.  It’s a fad.  Relax.  People have already moved on.  Except John Riggs.

 Let’s get Bobdunga out of the way first because I find her particularly unpleasant and not in a fun way.

When she’s on her medication, her videos are fine.  I’ve even enjoyed some of them.  She’s capable of making good “content” when she’s lucid and in control of her mental faculties.

The problem is that she seems to forget to take her medication quite a bit.  Then you start seeing insane, uncomfortable shit.  It reminds me of a video I saw on Youtube from the 50s or the 60s of some psychopath in a mental institution.  He’s saying stuff but it doesn’t really make sense.  It’s uncomfortable viewing.

Charles Manson interviews are another good example.  What he’s saying makes sense to him but as the viewer, you don’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.  He’s referencing things that you can’t possibly know.  This isn’t how normal people speak and I don’t want to watch that shit.  It’s unpleasant.

Same with Bobdunga.  When she’s “not right”, it’s just crazy bullshit.  Everything is edited to hell.  Fast cuts twice a second.  Weird camera angles.  It keeps zooming in and out.  She’s saying stuff that only makes sense to her.  It’s shit.  I don’t want to watch it.

And this bizarre campaign against her homosexual ex-boyfriend is disgusting.  She’s been doing this for YEARS.  The man was not interested.  Move on.

So I have to put Bobdunga in the D tier.

Next up is fellow Canadian Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining.  The videos are dreadful.  They’re just boring.  She’s a boring woman.

If that’s all it was, I wouldn’t even review her videos.  Not that I do much of that anyway.  She releases a video every week but I can rarely bring myself to watch them never mind do a review of them.  So I don’t bother with her shit unless I happen to catch her saying something sexist or political.

She had a bad relationship with her father so she doesn’t like men.  And she’s clearly a lesbian but she’s in some weird relationship with a guy.  I guess.  I’ve never seen the man but she mentions him.  It’s like how gay men used to get married to women just to keep up appearances.  I guess that gay women did this too?  I don’t know.  But you don’t really see this any more because people can be out, loud and proud nowadays.  What’s the problem?  Just come out of the closet, Pam.  It’s okay.

Anyway, boring woman, not half as intelligent as she thinks she is, a misandrist, and she injects “SJW” shit into her videos on a regular basis.  Is this what ANYONE wants in their “gaming” videos?  Ironically, the only reason that anyone knows about this right on “feminist” is because she made a video with her tits out.

So Pam aka CannotBeTamed (to use her actual screen name for a change) is comfortably in the D tier too.

SupaPixelGirl.  Hey guys!  Remember SupaPixelGirl?  I’m so *nostaligic* for her.

I don’t even know what fucking videos she made.  I can only think of four videos that I’ve seen of hers.

1.  Some “gaming” panel about women “gamers” on Youtube.  It was awful.

2.  A short video where she imitated an NPC in some game.  It was supposed to be funny.  I guess.  I didn’t even understand it.

3.  A video she did with Pelvic Gamer.  I barely remember it.  I only remember that it existed.

4.  Part 27 of some Final Fantasy playthrough.

No wait.  I just thought of another.  There was that bizarre Valentine’s Day video that she made for her “chocolate” boyfriend where she…sort of twerked?  I guess?  And there were like…effects?  I don’t know.  My mind obviously blocked this video as a defence mechanism so I shouldn’t try to delve any further into this.

I mostly know about her through her weird antics on the internet.  Posting “sexy” pictures, recording insane songs, getting rejected by Mike Matei in favour of Erin.

The good news is that she’s gone.  Our long nightmare is over.  She’s done with Youtube.    Now she’s focusing on OnlyFans, her mental health, and finding a job as a therapist.  Unbelievably.

So another one for the D tier.

Destinyfomo.  Another Youtube cum OnlyFans “superstar”.  I’m only going to focus on her Youtube output, not having seen the OnlyFans shit.

It’s awful.  But for a very brief time, I was non-ironically a fan.  She was releasing videos that seemed to demonstrate some knowledge and interest in video games.

But then it just became about her tits.  Hey guys!  Want to see titties?  Well, sure.  But not right now.  I’m on Youtube.  I’m looking for videos about video games and shit.  When I’m ready for tits, I’ll be on Pornhub.

She’s a straight up, no fooling prostitute.  And this is how prostitutes behave.  Everything has to be about sex.  “Give a small boy a hammer and he will find that everything he encounters needs a pounding”.

The “try on hauls”.  How the fuck did she get these so wrong?  She was trying on bargain bin shit.  And COSTUMES.  But she was treating the costumes as outfits that she would actually wear in public.  These cheap fucking costumes.  I remember her saying that she was going to get one of them altered.  THAT?  She’s going to pay to have a five dollar Japanese-style costume dress altered?  The alteration would cost more than the garment.

And it’s just bizarre.  She’s making money.  She’s making $500/night according to my sources.  She can’t afford any better than K-Mart going out of business clothes?

Now it’s all Only Fans.  Every fucking video.  Hey guys!  Join my OnlyFans!  Coronavirus must have destroyed her night job.  She’s desperate as fuck.

Another one for the D tier.

By the way, I tried to find flattering pictures of all of these gamer grrls.  Flattering pictures of their faces.  I couldn’t find any for Madam Fomo.  Try it yourself.  Every fucking picture has her tits prominently displayed.  So fine.  That’s what she is.  Tits.

Pelvic Gaming aka Lady Pelvic aka Pelvic Gamer.

I first took notice of her videos when I saw that she relied heavily on “sex appeal” in spite of the fact that…well…different strokes for different folks, I guess.  Maybe there’s somebody out there who really loves cartoonishly large afros and blue lipstick.

Her personality is just as off-putting.  Constant profanity.  And weird, sexual profanity.  “Suck my dick”?  What is she suggesting?

Well, she does have that video where she goes to a nerd convention, dressed as a man, and says that she’s going to seduce herself.

And who can forget that delightful video where she put on a toddler’s train costume and pretended that the front of the train was a giant penis?

She’s a sick fuck.  And when she’s not doing putrid videos about her vile sexual fetishes, it’s just boring as fuck videos about JRPGs that only the biggest nerds on the planet might possibly care about.

The D tier is starting to get pretty crowded.

Retro Ali.  I’d like to thank JOHN RIGGS for telling me about this gamer grrl.  Because Ali doesn’t really seem to associate with these other gamer grrls.  I mean, all of the other gamer grrls constantly promote each other (with the exception of Madam Fomo who’s always too busy promoting herself).  Retro Ali just seems to kind of do her own thing.

And what a thing it is.  ^O^  So sexy.  What am I going to do with this giant boner?  There’s a middling attractive (at best) woman making faces like she’s getting fucked in the ass.  While watching a Pokemon commercial.  That’s what I’m all about.

It’s the dumbest shit you’ve ever seen in your life.  Total trash.  But it’s the only thing that she does that gets any views.  So she continues with it.  “Clip it!”.  Yeah.  No, thanks.

The videos that she does with her mouth closed are still usually about Pokemon and I’m not interested in this shit because, I don’t know, I’m an adult?  They’re also boring.  And hard to understand because she speaks way too quickly.  And possibly is struggling with addiction issues.

Definitely one for the D tier.

Which brings us to JOHN RIGGS!  Honorary gamer grrl.  This guy LOVES the ladies.  Always trying to get into the pants of the retro gaming women of Youtube.  And who can blame him?  They’re all so smoking hot!

I like his chances.  What woman doesn’t want an unemployed, overweight, 45 year old man with three young children and a large collection of video games?  And those flannel shirts that he always wears?  It’s like it’s 1992 every day.  Hold me back, ladies.  I think I might have just turned gay for John Riggs.

As for the videos, they’re pretty low effort but he’s cranking this shit out every day so what can you really expect?  I suppose that he could do fewer videos of higher quality.

These tier videos are a good example.  They’re pretty stupid but…I have watched them.  So how bad can they be?

Same with open cart surgery.  It’s just Mr Riggs opening a game and cleaning the connections in every video.  But I still watch them.

I’m not watching every video he makes.  Not even close.  But when I start a video, I always finish it.  That’s not something that I can say for any of these other gamer grrls.  With these other gamer grrls, it’s often a struggle to get through the videos.  They just don’t seem capable of creating watchable content.  But John Riggs has figured it out.  Keep it short and demonstrate knowledge and passion on the subject.

So…yeah, he’s in the C tier.  I mean, the videos are all watchable.  None of these other gamer grrls can claim that accolade.

Look at John Riggs on top of all of those sexy ladies.  I bet he likes that.

So that’s the…oh wait.  I forgot Erin Plays.  Hailed by Mike Matei as the greatest retro gamer ever on Youtube.  Shishi concurs.

I have something of a different opinion.

I think that the first video of hers that I saw was Pac-Land.  It’s a game that I’m very familiar with and that I played in my youth.  So I’m watching this video and I’m thinking, “She doesn’t know anything about this game.”

It was so horrendous that I had to watch more.  I had to figure it out.  Why is this woman doing this?  Because you watch a second video and a third and a fourth and you begin to realise, “It’s not just Pac-Land that she doesn’t know about.”

Every fucking video.  “I’ve never played this before!”  But once in a great while, she’ll mix things up and claim that she has played the game before.  But you watch the video and it’s the exact same shit.  She doesn’t have a fucking clue what’s going on and she’s really, really bad at the game.  So that only raises more questions.

I still remember where I was when I first watched that Power Pad video.  I remember every detail about that day.  It’s like how people remember what they were doing when they found out that Kennedy was shot.

I was at home.  It was a warm summer day.  I was thinking about the future.  I was thinking about the past.  And I was on Reddit.  Somebody started a thread  encouraging people to watch the video because it was really bad.  He was obviously shaken up by it.

So I checked it out.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  I was somewhat familiar with Erin’s work by this point but this was something else entirely.  You can read my review here:


The videos are absolutely atrocious.  Some noteworthy ones are the My Favourite Dumb Pokemon video, Retro Game Tour and Collection, Thank You 50,000 Subscribers, and the trilogy of videos where she plays Doom for the first time.

It’s just so obvious that this is a fraud.  She started the channel on New Year’s Day 2017.  This was clearly a New Year’s Resolution.  “This year, I’m going to be a fake gamer grrl and quit my shitty job at the record store.”

 And that’s what she did.  There was then a calculated effort to get into a relationship with the biggest retro gaming “Youtuber” that she could find.  Fortunately, most male retro gaming “Youtubers” are single.

Everything about this was carefully planned out, from starting the channel, to getting into a relationship with Mike Matei in exchange for promoting her channel.  But the plan was so fucking bad.  That’s the crazy thing.  How could she be this calculating but come up with a plan that bad?  How did she possibly think that this was going to be successful?  She has no experience with video games, no knowledge about video games, and no ability to play video games, but she thinks that she’s going to be the next big gamer grrl on Youtube.

So every fucking video.  “This is cute.  I like the colours.  Oops, I just died again.”

One hundred bucks a month.  It’s crazy.

Maybe she’s doing it for the fame.  What fame?  There are about five regular viewers.  All giant losers.  All horny.

This is worth it?  It’s worth quitting your job for this?  It’s worth moving across the country to live with a man you don’t love for this?  A hundred bucks a month and five dudes jerking off to your videos.

This is what happens when you make a Youtube channel about video games when you know absolutely nothing about video games and you don’t care in the slightest about video games.  People don’t fucking watch.

All of these other gamer grrls make terrible videos but these women are actually interested in video games.  Erin is the sole exception.  She’s a total fraud.  The videos prove it.  There is absolutely no way on earth that she will ever make a success of this.  No amount of promotion will ever overcome the absolute rock bottom quality of her videos.

We have to make a whole other tier for Erin.

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