Play Expo Blackpool – Women of Retrogaming Panel Talk and Q&A – Preview

Warning: not a good looking group.  And HUGE, zoomed in pictures.  I do not need to see this level of detail on ANYONE’S face, especially not these people.

It seems to be an upcoming nerd convention in England.  It’s in two months.  Tickets are not yet on sale and I don’t know if they will ever be on sale.

There aren’t any guests announced yet but for some reason, there’s a planned panel already in place.  You can see the speakers at the above link.  But again, horrible pictures and one of these “women” is a guy.  Kim Justice.

I’ve talked about him before.

His videos are excellent in terms of being well-informed, witty, and intelligent.  But it’s a dude.  This is a farce.  He was in one of Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining’s Top Ten Hottest Babes on the Internet videos.  And now he’s going to fucking talk about what it’s like to be a “woman” in retro gaming?  Come on.

It’s one thing to put a dress on and say that you’re a woman.  But when you start going around and doing conventions where you talk about gender issues, that’s too far.

Most women don’t go around reminding everyone that they’re women.  They have interests outside of being a woman.  So why not be one of these types of women?  You know…normal, well-adjusted women.

No, he’s going to tour the country and tell everyone what it’s like to be a woman.  After having put a dress on a couple of years ago.  It’s ridiculous.

There isn’t one person ON EARTH who has ever or will ever give Kim Justice shit for being a woman.  The only abuse he might receive would be from reactionaries who don’t like seeing fat dudes in dresses.

So what the fuck can he possibly talk about for this panel?

Then we have Lady Decade.  I talked about her before too.

Her description is bizarre.  “Lady Decade is an aspiring content creator”.

It’s kind of true, though.  She has 4,000 subscribers.  And 19 videos.  And she hasn’t uploaded in eight months.

So I think that she’s done.  The videos were…whatever.  It’s a posh English woman of Middle Eastern or Pakistani heritage.  Probably lives in Birmingham.  She talks about old video games . Whatever.  She gave up after about four months.

So this person is going to be a guest speaker about what it’s like to be a woman in retro gaming?  This is some desperate shit.  But at least she has the correct anatomy, I guess.

Then there’s Aravelle.  She’s only on Twitch.

Whoever took that giant picture for her  nerd convention site is a true artist.  She’s nowhere near that attractive in these streams.

I don’t know.  She plays video games, I guess.  I’m not watching that shit.

Then there’s Tamaracade.

Wait…this is a guy too, right?  I didn’t want to be insulting from the giant picture but…looks pretty mannish to me.  And in the Youtube videos, this is either a really unattractive woman or a dude.  I’d feel awful if it was the former but it also sounds like a dude trying to sound like a woman so I’m pretty confident that I’m right.

Oh yeah.  This is definitely a guy.  Just look at his most recent video.  If you dare.

No question.  You can’t fool me with these pink borders, sir.

Also, only 1000 subscribers.  And 25 videos.  Even if it was a woman, this is a fucking joke.  Not nearly well-known enough to be invited to something as prestigious as Play Expo Blackpool, which bills itself as the largest retro gaming convention in the UK.

So two of the four “women” on this panel ARE MEN!  Only one guest left.  S/he will be the tie-breaker.

Trista Bytes.

4500 subscribers.  Oh, by the way, Aravelle only had 3000 followers.  Erin recently said that she has 8000 so…this woman is only half as popular as Erin, as a rough estimate.  That’s a pretty low bar.

Ms Bytes hasn’t uploaded in four months and most of her videos don’t even get 1000 views.  Her last two videos are just about previous Play Expo conventions.  So…is this all she does now?  Just uploads videos of her boring nerd convention panels?

But is this a woman?  Well…technically, I guess.  I suspect that she’s a lesbian.  And she does not appear to be interested in this video game shit.  But she goes to these conventions and has awkward interviews with people.

I suspect that she’s like the token woman for these nerd conventions.  God.  THIS is the best that they can find?  It really speaks to the complete lack of women who are interested in this shit in the UK.  A woman with 4000 subscribers, little charisma, and with a hard lesbian aesthetic can get this job.

It’s probably why people like Erin think that they can just rock up and start being a fake gamer grrl and they’ll be showered with money.  Just a total lack of competition.  I mean, if dudes in dresses can do this, surely Erin is an improvement on that.

But no.  We see what happened.  There’s no fucking money in this.  How much are these speakers at nerd conventions getting paid?  A lukewarm hot dog and a can of Coke is my guess.

So let’s just do a recap of this lineup.  It’s some kind of discussion panel about women in retro gaming.  You have two dudes, one of whom only has 1000 subscribers on Youtube.  And you have three women, one of which has barely uploaded any videos and seems to already have given up, another one who isn’t even on Youtube but has a small Twitch channel, and a woman with a small Youtube channel who hasn’t uploaded in four months and all of her recent videos are just her doing talks at various nerd conventions.

I’m supposed to pay money for this?  What information on life as a woman in the online retro gaming world can they possibly provide?  Nobody knows these people, they’ve barely uploaded any videos, and they seem to have given up months ago.

The only person who has any business there whatsoever is Kim Justice.  He has like 50,000 subscribers.  BUT IT’S A GUY!  Come on.  A fat guy in a dress is the proverbial 800 pound gorilla in this panel about WOMEN in retro gaming.

What is he going to talk about?  Nobody has asked to see that man’s tits.  Nobody has ever told him to shut the fuck up because women don’t know anything about video games.  Nobody has ever said that he sucks at games because women suck at games.  What possible gender in relation to video games issues can he possibly discuss?

They want £16 for this shit.  Good luck.

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