The Pathetic Life and Times of ShiShi

He’s recently been putting shit on his Twitter.  So what is he doing?  Posting pictures of anime girls.  He also has a bizarre clip that he made of Erin.  He makes a lot of clips of Erin.

He has a Youtube channel but it’s just two videos of “the goriest anime clips”.  He only made two of these videos but he did the second one just three weeks ago.

Oh, Erin left a comment:

“I’m afraid to watch this whole thing D:”

Then Shishi replies with:

“Erin 😀 It’s ok, this is pretty much every anime and all you need to know D:”

He did the same “D:” as her.

And he also gives a timestamp.  You know what’s at the timestamp?  A student being made fun of because he has an erection in class.

Why would he choose that to show Erin?  The rest of the video seems to be gory clips, as the title suggests, but he chose a weird sexual clip to show Erin.  He’s getting off on this.  “Oh yeah…I made Erin watch some weird sexual anime.”

He has another channel here:

It’s tutorials showing you how to make anime girls in Photoshop and I think other programs.

This is his life.  He sits in his parents’ home in Michigan and jerks off to anime and Erin Plays.  That’s it.  He has no other interests.

He’s in Erin’s streams every fucking time.  The entire stream.  No matter when she streams.  And she sometimes streams late at night/early morning.  Shishi is there every time.  He has absolutely nothing else going on in his life.

And he leaves these creepy comments in her streams.  He mentioned that he just got out of the shower once, for example.  And then Erin felt obligated to acknowledge this but she was clearly uncomfortable.

He also always posts a bunch of Pokemon emojis and says “Bulbasaur club” or something like this.

Here’s one from her most recent stream where she’s playing “Wanpaku Graffiti”.  Erin is defending the removal of “bullshit” from “You Know What’s Bullshit”.  She talks about how you used to be able to do anything on Youtube and how she wished that she started Youtube earlier but she didn’t have the confidence and cried when she tried to make a thumbnail and this whole boring story again.

So what does ShiShi say?  “The worst part is they removed comments from kids video. It used to be a bunch of edgy jokes there >:D”

Do I even need to say anything?

This is a total creep.  And this is Erin’s biggest fan.  Erin is associating with this degenerate.  She’s supporting his delusion that they’re friends.  As long as he keeps sending her money, she’ll keep pretending to be his friend, no matter how obviously despicable a person he is.

I think that he’s a moderator in her streams.  He makes loads of clips of Erin.  He responds to every single tweet that she makes.  This has to be one of the most pathetic people on earth.  Erin lets him do all of this shit.

If she had any sense of decency whatsoever, she would ban him.  But she doesn’t care.  As long as you’re giving her money, it doesn’t matter how mentally ill you are, how pathetic you are, how much a sexual deviant you are, she’ll pretend to be your friend. 

Shishi is somebody who needs some sort of an intervention or intensive psychological help or something like this.  Erin takes advantage of this kind of deeply troubled person.  He’s spending his parents’ money on her.  It’s unbelievably pathetic.

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  1. this just hit me. schools are supposed to be closed due to coronavirus. now i'm curious where shishi's omega-rage will take him once erin has had enough of his 'advances'

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