HARD OFF Retro Game Hunting in Tokyo (Tachikawa) w/Destiny Fomo – KidShoryuken


0:30 – “Look who I ran into today.  It’s young Ms Destiny Fomo.”

She looks, rightly, creeped out.  And this is a woman who has seen everything.  Check out her Amazon wish list to see what she gets up to with clients.

I watched a bit of his other videos and it seems that he was in the military for a number of years and has lived in Japan for about nine years.  So I’m going to say that he’s around 40 years old.

“I found her alone.  Wandering the streets.  No direction.”

Yeah…this is a sick fuck.  This is all part of his fantasy.

“So I says to her, I says, ‘What are you doing young lady?”

Come on.  You’re uploading a video like this to your channel?  If you want to pick up escorts, that’s your business.  But why advertise?  Is this something to boast about?  “Hey, look at me.  I’m spending thousands of dollars to be with Madam Fomo.”

You’re a fucking idiot.  You should be embarrassed.

This guy can’t get a girlfriend as a white man in Japan.  Think about that.  This is dating on super easy mode.  But he can’t do it.  So he’s dropping thousands of dollars on Madam Fomo.

Can you not at least spend some of that money on the LOCAL working girls?  I mean, they have some weird shit in Japan, right?  I heard that foreigners aren’t allowed in Soapland but there are apparently similar places where you can get full body massages where the woman lies on top of you naked and shit like this.  I heard that there are like cafes where you pay a woman to talk to you.  Presumably, you can pay extra for more services.

I have to imagine that any sexual deviancy you can think of is available in Japan.  You look at all of the weird Japanese porn, these are not a repressed people.  I think that prostitution is pretty well accepted there.

But this guy’s fantasy is picking up some large-breasted, Western, runaway in Japan.  I don’t know.  If that’s his thing, that’s his thing but is this worth tens of thousands of dollars?  How many sessions could one get with the local women for that kind of money?

“She says, ‘I’m looking for games'”.

So…you know how a lot of people seem to have a sexual fetish for women who play video games?  How else does one explain anyone watching Erin Play’s videos?  Well, it seems that this guy has the same fetish.

It’s crazy.  Somehow these people have combined video games with sexual gratification.

It’s like I saw a documentary about a deeply disturbed woman who got sexually excited by airplanes.  And she was allowed to rub up on an airplane and she had model airplanes that she “used” at home and shit like this.  Similar thing, I guess.

“So I said how ironic that you be Destiny?  Because you found me.”

It doesn’t even make fucking sense but Madam Fomo still gave an awkward laugh.

Where the fuck is her pimp during all of this?  We know that he’s there on this trip.  Is he just out of frame or did he allow to go out without him?

1:00 – “Are you ready to learn the ways of the Hard Off?”

I can’t believe that I’m only a minute into this.  This is some fucked up shit.  At least put the whole video on PornHub.

Then there’s a montage of the underground trains.  You see some people in masks.

You know, before coronavirus, the standard medical advice was that these masks don’t do shit.  And people would explain their popularity in Japan as, “They’re wearing it not to protect from illness but to avoid spreading their germs to others.”

Nevertheless, shortly after this coronavirus hysteria, Western media outlets and politicians were pushing for the wearing of masks.  Why?  The advice has always been that they don’t protect against illness.  And the idea that they prevent germs being spread has never been given any credence.

It seems that this mass hysteria may be coming to an end.  The world was shut down, hundreds of millions, maybe billions of people lost their jobs, untold numbers of companies went bankrupt, the global economy was destroyed, over what?  A bad cold.  Somebody made an enormous amount of money out of this.  Find out who and there are your answers.

2:30 – “You got your walking shoes on?”

He’s really patronising to her.  It’s fucking uncomfortable.

Really creepy music too.  There’s like a little kid yelling stuff.  I don’t know if this is Ness or whoever from Earthbound or what.  Really weird, though.

4:30 – KidShoryuken: Destiny, are you giddy with anticipation?

Destiny: It looks really big!

KidShoryuken: It’s a big’un

It’s fucking disgusting.  Can we just see the sex video?  I don’t need to see 26 minutes of creepy foreplay with a call girl.

Then he starts speaking in a lisp like he’s a stereotypical gay man.  It’s just…I mean…I don’t need to see this shit.

5:15 – KidShoryuken: I have to tell you that I’m excited.  Are you excited?

Destiny: (sarcastically) I’m excited.

In case anyone is on the fence about whether this guy paid to have sex with Madam Fomo and thinks that I’m exaggerating or joking or whatever, just look at this shit.  There is no fucking way that he didn’t.  This is creepy as fuck.  And we know that Madam Fomo is in fact a sex worker.  Who takes a sex worker to a video game store?  This is all part of his fetish.  This guy is fully erect in this video.

Let’s say that she’s not a sex worker.  Let’s say that everything is as they’re pretending.  This is all innocent.

Would you speak like this, with all of this sexual innuendo, to a woman who’s on vacation with her fiance?  And why would the fiance not be there?  Madam Fomo is going to Japan with her fiance and the fiance is just in the hotel jerking off while she’s off sightseeing with another man?  It’s absurd.  That would never happen.

The only thing that makes sense is that this guy is paying to have sex with Madam Fomo.  And he’s filming this experience and putting it on his Youtube channel because he’s a creep.

6:30 – Then there’s an extended musical montage showing what’s in the store.  It goes on for some considerable time.  This is pornography to someone but I don’t get it.

Then he looked at the various shit in the store for like 10 or 15 minutes.  Madam Fomo was off doing whatever.

24:30 – Then they’re outside and Madam Fomo shows what she bought: a Hello Kitty Playstation controller.  This is for like eight year olds.  Another weird, childish thing that she got.  Check out her Amazon wishlist for more.

So that’s the video.  Then Madam Fomo went back to New York with her fiance and sent this guy $1000 worth of video game shit and food.  If this was all innocent, does that make any sense?

A guy goes to Japan with his fiance, lets his fiance spend a lot of time alone with some creepy old fat dude, and then sends him a $1000 gift basket.  “Thanks for spending so much time with my fiance on our trip to Japan.  She really enjoyed shopping with you while I pleasured myself in the hotel.”

Nobody would do that.  Anyone with a brain knows what this is.  Let’s check out the brainless comments.

– “Did you smash her?”

Well, there’s at least one guy who has some idea of what’s going on.

– “Later that night she learnt the ways of the HARD ON”

Yeah.  I think that that guy get it.

– “Just subscribed to Destiny Fomo. Didn’t know about her!”

Then KidWhatever says, “I hadn’t heard of her either until she shouted me out in a video and said I was one of her favorite YouTubers. A friendship blossomed from there.”

Oh.  That just adds to the creepiness.  Madam Fomo only does things to try to benefit herself.  So she shouts this guy out, knowing that he lives in Japan and she’ll be going there soon, and then…they exchanged money for intercourse.  So Madam Fomo is actively soliciting on Youtube.  And this guy is admitting to the world, on Youtube, that he’s a john.

– “Jim and distiny! Strong”

– “Wonder twin powers, activate! Except, we are far from being twins but our powers still activate when we are together.”

He’s a john who’s completely smitten with a prostitute.  It’s just gross.

– “You guys should meet up more”

Then KidWhatever says, “We’ll have to wait until her next trip to Tokyo.”

Start saving your money.

I mean, think about it.  This is some lonely guy spending all of his money on an international escort.  It just doesn’t make sense.

The guy was in the military.  He can’t be this naive.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper and more satisfying to become obsessed with a local prostitute?  Somebody who you could actually see on a regular basis?  Somebody who doesn’t charge thousands of dollars for a couple of days?  Somebody who might be single?

What he should do is find a nice local prostitute who’s maybe around 30 years old, maybe has one of two children, no boyfriend or husband, and try to form a relationship with her.  She’ll be looking to get out of the business soon, she has children so her prospects are lower, she might be amenable to getting with a fat, creepy, Western man.

– “nice girl, nice date ;)”

Then KidWhatever says, “Well, I wouldn’t call it a date exactly (though we did have a nice dinner together) but she is indeed a nice girl.”

What he’s saying doesn’t even make sense.  She was there with her fiance.  Would you talk like this about a woman who’s on vacation with her fiance?  Would you go to dinner with a woman who’s on vacation with her fiance?  The story is ridiculous.

I get it.  You don’t want to go on Youtube and say, “I’m going to pay this woman to have sex with me later tonight.”

But then why upload a video where that’s the only possible conclusion that anyone can reach?  This story that they just went shopping together and had dinner and the fiance is nowhere to be seen and after they left they sent him $1000 worth of gifts and he hopes to see her soon and she’s such a nice girl is all preposterous.  ANYONE can see what’s happening here.

If this guy wants to pay people to have sex with him, that’s his business.  What do I care?  But what kind of pathetic loser announces this to the world?

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  1. Holy shit dude. You are right. Thats exactly what this is. The guy looks like the rat dude from the Harry Potter movies. props for making to the end. I can't handle his voice.

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