PRGE 2018 – SupaPixelGirl Presents: Women in Gaming – Portland Retro Gaming Expo 1080p

Some vintage SupaPixelGirl action.  She’s at some nerd convention doing an “empowering” panel with some other gamer grrls.

I didn’t even recognise her.  “Who’s that chubby soccer mom presenting this shit?”  THAT’S SUPAPIXELGIRL!

She introduces everyone and the crowd cheers after every fucking sentence.  “WOO!  YOU GO GIRLS!  INTERNAL GENITALIA RULES!”  It’s fucking brutal.  I skip past the intros when I realised that this was just going to continue.

2:30 – But I stopped for SupaPixelGirl introducing herself.  She says that she’s in grad school?  To be a clinical psychologist?  Particularly for children?  So that’s why she needs to have slides?  She needs to be a little professional?

By the way, I’m trying to replicate SupaPixelGirl’s speech inflection.  She raises her voice at the end of each sentence like she’s some stereotypical 1990s Hollywood valley girl.

So there’s four gamer grrls on the panel and they’re going to talk about stuff that’s important to women in retro gaming.  Gamer grrls who are on Twitch or Youtube, I guess.

First question: Who’s your favourite husbando/waifu?

Huh.  If there’s a problem with gamer grrls not being taken seriously, this might be a piece of the puzzle.

I had to skip ahead again.  I don’t give two fucks about this stupid bullshit.

Next question: “What has been your experience as a female gamer (or worker) in the community &/or online”

I have never seen an ampersand used that way but whatever.  It’s “cute”.  Oh by the way, the slides are pink.

Also, “or worker” wasn’t in the slide.  SupaPixelGirl just added that.  I guess that “gamer” is…sexist?  I don’t know?  I mean, I don’t say “gamer” unless I’m being sarcastic.  But I wouldn’t call them “workers”.  What’s your experience as a female worker in the community”?  What?  A female worker?  Whatever.  We have a lot of ground to cover.  Let’s not get bogged down in EVERY stupid thing that SupaPixelGirl says or we’ll be here forever.

6:45 – Then SupaPixelGirl’s next slide is a collage of Youtube comments that she allegedly got.  First the audience laughs, then you hear outraged gasps and murmurs as they start to read the comments.  These terrible, sexist men.  Let’s see what they’re saying.

“Show more cleavage” is one of them.

Then she says, “I think the one that gets under my skin the most is the one that says, ‘More makeup, less clothes.”

She also reads a “negative” comment from a woman.

So she says that these comments make her sad.

But didn’t she do this?  It seems that she’s taken these people up on their advice.  And not long after this panel.  When did she start her OnlyFans?  2019, I think.  Maybe earlier.

Then these other women give their answers.  I just skipped them.  Not out of sexism but just because I’m not really interested.

14:15 – Back to SupaPixelGirl, “One thing that’s helped me is, well, as a psychologist this gets a little psychobabble and I apologise but one thing that helps me is called cognitive restructuring.”

Oh do tell, SupaPixelGirl.  Put all of those expensive classes to use.  I can’t imagine that you’re going to put this shit to use in an actual job as a psychologist so you might as well use it at a gamer grrl panel.  Tell us more about cognitive restructuring and how it helps you get over those mean, nasty Youtube comments.

She recently got a long email saying, “You are so ugly”, “You shouldn’t be doing it” and “You’re an attention whore.”  Then to combat this, she thought of Batman.  I’m not making this up.  Watch the video.  And watch these women’s reactions.

You might think that they’d be confused or mildly disgusted.  But no.  They’re laughing.  “You go girl!”  No matter how fucking stupid anything anyone says, it’s all ass licking praise.

Receiving “negative” comments isn’t strictly the domain of gamer grrls on Youtube.  I’ve repeatedly received “troll” accusations on forums, simply because my view is different from somebody else’s.  I’ve been called racist and sexist and whatever else on these forums.  I’ve received mindless abuse in online video games.  I’ve had women comment negatively on my appearance on dating sites.  And out in the real world, I encounter “negativity” on a regular basis.

These people fall into three camps: the grossly misinformed, assholes, and people who might have a point.  I take these comments as they come and give them the consideration (or lack of consideration) that they deserve.   I don’t fucking think about Batman.

Everybody deals with these people.  It’s not something unique to gamer grrls on Youtube.  And it’s not just men who are doing this.

18:30 – SupaPixelGirl claims that she gets rape threats when she announces that she’s going to go to a convention.

I guess it’s possible.  There are lunatics out there.  But are these credible threats?  If not, move on with your life.

19:15 – Next question: Some have referred to the gaming community as a boys’ club.  Do you agree?  Why or why not?

What a shit question.  What does it even mean?  This is not going to spur any intelligent discussion.  I’ll just skip past this one as well, checking for SupaPixelGirl comments.

23:00 – She starts talking about a “streamer” called Ninja who decided not to stream with women because he’s married and didn’t want people to think that he’s dating these women who he’s streaming with.

Who gives a fuck?  The guy sounds like an idiot but who cares who he streams with?  What a bizarre thing to get worked up over.

27:15 – SupaPixelGirl wants to know what these “ladies” (she used this word a lot to refer to the panel…just seems kind of weird to me) think about some tweets that she found.  “Women are holding themselves back from (something).  Shut up and go make shit.”  Oh fuck.  This is still about this “ninja” guy.  NOBODY CARES!

Skipping ahead again.

33:00 – Some sort of mindless discussion about the thought process for a fictional video game character named Bayonetta?  SupaPixelGirl says, “If I want to be sexy, I’m going to be sexy.”  Fuck.  Moving on.

35:00 – SupaPixelGirl talks about her favourite fictional female video game characters.  If you care about this, check it out.  I couldn’t give less of a fuck so I’m moving on.

37:00 – Next question: “What are your thoughts on people who use terms like ‘Twitch thots’ or ‘Boobtubers'”.

This is just dreadful.  None of these are serious questions.  Who gives a fuck?

Is there a problem with sexism in the world of “streamers” or gaming “Youtubers”?  There might be be.  So give me some fucking examples.  Good ones.  Ones with substance.

“Oh, this person was mean to me.  This person called me a name.  This person talked down to me.” That’s not sexism.  That’s somebody being an asshole.  It happens to everyone.

By complaining about this shit that happens to everyone, and trying to frame it as a problem unique to women, you destroy any credibility that your argument may have.

I suppose that men aren’t being called “Twitch thots.”  That’s because men aren’t putting speedos on and barely playing a game.  Women who dress in little outfits and barely play a game exist.  And don’t these women present a negative image of women?  Is this what a real female “gamer” would want to associate themselves with?  Are we supposed to praise women who get their tits out and barely play a video game?  It seems insulting to the women who are actually interested in video games.  “I don’t want to dress like a whore.  I just want to play video games.  But now I have to compete with these whores who aren’t even interested in video games.”

Anyway, that’s basically the video.  I’m not watching any more of this bullshit.

Oh, by the way, comments are disabled on that video.  They’re worried about “sexist” “haters”, I guess.

What happened to SupaPixelGirl, though?  Last I heard, she started a new OnlyFans.

Who would take their child to such a therapist?  Not because of the nudes, exactly, but this is a crazy person.

How much money did she spend on that fucking degree?  It’s a two to three year course, I think.  $100,000?  More?

I can get into the whole higher education scam in the US that’s enslaving generations of people with these useless degrees that burden you with a lifetime of debt but I’ll just end it there.

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