FIRST LOOK | Bravely Default II (DEMO) – Pelvic Gaming

0:00 – Jump scare

I mean, what the fuck?  I’ll just move on.

“It;s your girl Lady Pelvic”.

No.  No.  I decline the offer.  I’m not interested, Pelvic Gamer.  Don’t assume that everyone watching your channel is some weird, desperate nerd.

You know what I’m reminded of?  The term “prison hot”, referring to male prisoners who have been incarcerated for so long that they find any woman attractive.  Three hundred pound female prison guards, for example.

Pelvic Gamer is perhaps “retro gaming Youtube hot”.  These sexless nerds are so starved for any attention from any woman that even somebody like Pelvic Gamer does it for them.

Then she reviews the demo.  It seemed well-informed and moderately interesting.

8:45 – Then she ruins it by blowing a kiss.  Hey.  Pelvic Gamer.  Take a hint.  I’m not fucking interested.

I mean, come on.  THIS is a sex symbol? 

I’m all for being confident and content with your appearance.  But this is delusional.  And the reasons that she has these delusions is because she’s had desperate loser men throwing themselves at her for at least the past ten years.  And she’s bought it.  She doesn’t understand that these desperate loser men are throwing themselves at EVERY woman. 

– “오 씨바 뽀글뽀글한 털이 겨드랑이 옆에 있어서 겨털인줄”

Apparently, that means, “Oh Ciba, the fluffy hair is next to the armpits”.  She’s wearing some kind of tank top and you can see under her arms.  Maybe she didn’t shave.  I didn’t fucking look.  I was consciously trying not to look at Pelvic Gamer’s armpits.  But yeah, perhaps that’s what this is a reference to.

– “i love your hair!!!

Uh huh. 

– “you’re so damn gorgeous.”

Yeah. You see what I mean?  No matter what you look like, there will be some desperate fuck complimenting you.  This clueless idiot is trying to have sex with Pelvic Gamer.  How is a compliment on Youtube, from a blank profile, going to lead to intercourse?  I don’t know.  But these people are trying it. 

And when you do this shit, it creates a delusion for, in this case, Pelvic Gamer.  “Wow.  I thought that I was just okay but all of these guys just keep talking about how hot I am.  They must be on to something.”

Then she comes out with ridiculous hair that nobody can possibly find appealing and still she gets compliments.  “Wow, I thought that my hair looked kind of stupid and I just did this as a joke, but the guys seem to like it.  I’m going to keep doing it.”

Imagine being a male Youtuber and every time you upload something, you get bombarded with messages from horny women about how hot you are and all of the sex stuff that they want to do to you.  After a while, it would get to you.  A very short while.  “In real life, I’m an average looking guy at best but look at all of these women on the internet who want to have sex with me.  I must be a 10.” 

Then maybe you take one of these women up on their offer, see that they’re 300 pounds, and reality hits home.  Or maybe it is a hot chick but she just wants you to take her to an expensive restaurant and then blocks your number.

Let’s check out her Twitter.

Oh.  She gives her post office box right there in the description.  That’s handy.  I’m going to send this unattractive woman some expensive video game shit in the hopes that she’ll have sex with me some day.

God, it’s fucking trash.  Nothing but Animal Crossing posts. 

I first played Animal Crossing on a Nintendo 64 emulator.  The game was only released in Japan so all of the text was in Japanese.  The game was pretty text-heavy so I didn’t know what was going on but I was still intrigued and played it a lot.

Then when I heard that the game was coming to the Gamecube and in English, I went out and bought a Gamecube and the game.  I played Animal Crossing a lot.  Every day for at least a year.  I caught a bunch of fish and insects, I dug up all of the fossils.  It was great.

You know what I didn’t do?  Post about it on the internet.  Because who gives a fuck?  Who the fuck wants to read this?

But these fucking idiots clog up their Twitter feeds with this shit.  Bobdunga does it too.  As would Erin, if she played video games in her spare time.

Then they get high and might at people who complain about these shit posts.  “Oh, I just like Animal Crossing.  If you don’t like Animal Crossing, that’s okay but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy it.”  You can enjoy whatever the fuck you want.  But don’t fucking spam with this shit.  NOBODY CARES WHAT FUCKING FISH YOU CAUGHT!

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