Suite 206 Podcast #3: Destiny Fomo

(I posted this a few days ago but the forum is gone now)

This is from nearly two years ago. The first three minutes have no audio. They’re talking but no audio. Madam Fomo is just playing on her phone. She has a foot of cleavage showing, of course.

4:00 – Finally some audio. The host is just having a discussion about technical issues. Wow, this is a high quality podcast. You know how most people would edit this shit out? Not this guy.

742 views after two years. 48 subscribers. Is he still doing this? No, he stopped last year. There were only 12 podcasts.

Why even do this? I mean, the guy was trying to do a podcast but why would Madam Fomo agree to this? How much publicity did she expect to get?

Then they can’t start the podcats because Madam Fomo insists on continuing to play on her phone. Replying to clients or something.

7:00 – Finally we start. This first seven minutes should have been edited out.

“If anyone is wondering who this lady with the red hair is, her name is…Destiny?”

HE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HER NAME! How much fucking research did he put into this? He had at least seven minutes to prepare. Check you fucking notes, if you have any. Should be at the very top of the page. “MADAM FOMO”

She’s still on her phone, by the way. Maybe she’ll do this for the full…TWO HOURS? Oh fuck. How is this guy going to get two hours out of this dullard?

Then he asks her what her Twitch channel is. Then he talks about some stuff that he wants to edit out but never did. This might be the worst podcast ever made. And I’m including the radio show that I made as a child on a mini tape recorder where I interviewed myself.

God this is awful. I’m at nine minutes and they still haven’t started. Well, they have but only to ask what her name is.

And what a studio. There’s a fucking ladder in the middle of the screen and a bunch of skateboards and random detritus all over. Really gives that gritty, urban, New York flavour that was so popular in the early 1970s. Serpico. The French Connection. Deathwish. Cotton Comes to Harlem.

This guy actually has a crew. He keeps talking to this crew about how expensive the equipment is. Do you suppose he’s paying people for this? It’s crazy. Where the fuck is the money coming from? Perhaps best not to ask. All of that filth and crime in New York. The painted ladies on the street corners.

10:00 – Madam Fomo starts talking. TERRIBLE audio quality. Can barely hear her. Dude, I don’t want to miss these precious gems. Fix this shit. She doesn’t have a fucking microphone. That’s the problem. I’m not a fucking audio engineer by any means but come on.

No, I can’t do this. If this doesn’t improve quickly, I’m going to stop this.

No. No. Let me skip to the middle to see if it improves. Yeah, I think it does improve. And it seems that she does have a microphone. Fuck. Now I don’t have to an excuse to stop this.

14:30 – Madam Fomo asks what the name of the podcast is. So neither one of these clowns did any preparation for this. Then she says that this guy is going to interview her. So this host or whatever says, “I don’t consider myself somebody who interviews somebody”.

Well, I think that we can all agree with that.

15:00 – This guy starts talking about when he first met Madam Fomo. It was when she was there with a guy named Joey. Maybe her “manager”?

Also, since this guy apparently knows Madam Fomo, why didn’t he know her name? I know it’s a screen name but how familiar can they actually be?

Apparently she told this guy that she was 49. She says this a lot. It must be her favourite “joke”. Like “X looks like Y” for Erin. Equally as funny too.

16:00 – Madam Fomo lets one rip. I know that this is childish but I’m trying to get through this. Go to the video and you’ll see what I mean. I assure you that it’s hilarious. James Rolfe is doubled over with laughter at this one.

She talks about Joey again, how she was with him when her alarm went off, so yeah. Joey is the “manager”. This is new information.

17:00 – Madam Fomo scratches her nose. I just realised that she does this a lot. Just an observation. I’m not suggesting anything sinister.

17:30 – Dude: “Everyone should try streaming, especially if you like video games or you have something to say”

Madam Fomo: It’s hard though because…

Dude: Of course it is!

I’m done. I’m done with this gushing bullshit. Fuck this guy and fuck boring ass Madam Fomo.

If anyone wants to watch the remaining 1 hour and 45 minutes to let me know if I missed anything, please do so. And then re-consider what you’re doing with your life.

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