Destiny Fomo update (she’s still working on the comic!)

She hasn’t uploaded a new video in two weeks now.  So much for her weekly schedule.  And what the fuck happened to the try on haul videos that she promised?  This guy is angry:

“What happened to try on hauls first Monday each month? With all the BS going on in the world I have one thing to look forward too and you dropped the ball!”

This is why I said that she shouldn’t promise any schedule.

Anyway, these comments are from her latest video, the one where she shows you comic book covers and promises an Oprah Book Club type thing but for the mentally challenged.

There’s also this exchange:

Horndog: Hey Beautiful

Madam Fomo: Good morning!

Horndog: hows life going? 😊

Madam Fomo: Lots of writing and lots of wrestling lol

Horndog: I bet! Sounds interesting 😊 u wouldn’t mind texting for a bit?

Come the fuck on.  This guy does not have the slightest idea on how to speak to women.  Let’s approach this as a Tinder or the like exchange.

“Hey beautiful” is complete dog shit and NOBODY is going to reply to that unless you’re a really hot dude.  Miles Kee (the horndog in question) has no picture.  He expects to get a date out of this?  You have to start with something fucking interesting.  And don’t compliment her appearance.  That’s what she’s getting all fucking day from these desperate losers.  Do something else.  Stand out from the crowd of horny, desperate fucks.

But Madam Fomo replies because she’s trying to encourage people to post because that somehow makes money for her.  Then he replies with “hows life going?”

Come on.  That’s twice now with boring as fuck comments.  You expect to get a date with “how are you?”  No woman would reply to that, again, unless you’re a hot dude and we have no reason to suspect that this guy is. 

Then Madam Fomo replies, which, again, would not happen on Tinder and gives him something interesting to talk about.  Writing and wrestling.  So what does he reply with, “Sounds interesting?  Can we text?”

Unbelievable.  She gave you a fucking opportunity to talk about something.  “What are you writing?  I’m a writer too.  Want to exchange writing tips.”  I don’t know.  Something.  Anything better than, “sounds interesting.”

YOU’RE not interesting, Miles Kee.  You’re boring as fuck.  This is why you’re on Youtube trying (and failing hard) to get a date with z-list Youtubers.  You want to get a date with Madam Fomo, bring cash.  You want to go out with a respectable woman, up your game  Big time.  That is fucking trash.  He expects to get Madam Fomo’s phone number out of those messages.  It’s absurd.  He doesn’t have a clue.

Anyway, the point of this is that Madam Fomo claims to be writing something.  For this comic that she’s working on, presumably.  That makes it all the weirder that she didn’t mention this comic book job in this video. 

What’s going on with this mentally challenged book club anyway?  Which comic books are we going to be reading together?  It’s been two weeks.  These comics are quite possibly no longer being sold.  Not in the “new comics” section, anyway. 

Whatever.  She got 10,000 views on this thing.  Considerably lower than most of her videos.  Maybe she decided that comic books aren’t going to be a big attraction.

Let’s check out her Twitter.

Oh this is shit.  She has a bunch of cosplay where she does poses of this video game character.  Like…it’s a fighting game and the character does victory poses or whatever and then Madam Fomo will ape the victory poses.  It’s fucking pathetic.  Any normal person would be really embarrassed by this but it’s probably not even in the top million degrading things that Madam Fomo has done.

Crocheting takes so much patiance (crying emoji) I can make 3-4 pokeballs a day but it’s been taking me days to make a shirt 

At first, I read it as “crothing” or something and I thought, “Well, makes sense.  Madam Fomo.  Crotches.” 

But no, crocheting.  It sure does require a lot of “patiance”.  This is a professional writer. 

Then she re-tweeted a bunch of people who re-tweeted her “sexy” cosplay videos.  How much validation does she need?  “Here’s a bunch of horny losers who think I’m hot!  Check it out, guys!”

So that’s Twitter.  I noticed that she deleted another batch of videos from her Youtube channel.  All of those god awful live streams are gone.  That’s a shame.  There goes 30 hours of, “How old are you?  You’re really hot.”

Oh, she’s also on Instagram.  For those of you who have never seen breasts before, you might find it interesting. 

He who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.

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