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Hey guys!  Remember blogs?  They were popular for a brief time in the early 2000s.

So what better way to kick things off than a Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining video?  Nobody else is uploading.  I don’t get it.  It’s a job where you play video games in your home.  How is a “self-quarantine” affecting that?  Pelvic Gamer hasn’t uploaded in three weeks.  Maybe she got coronavirus or maybe she’s been REALLY busy seducing herself while dressed as a man.  And making out with Link plushes.  And doing vulgar things with a plastic iteration of the Master Sword.  Or whatever the fuck she does.

So the video.  Pam is wearing a light-coloured top.  What colour would this be…coral?  I bet Erin would know.

Anyway, I just skipped to her Omerta review and then her Doom Eternal review and they were actually useful.  She didn’t like the games and she explains why.  You can agree or disagree but these are her opinions on the game and they seem at least reasonably well-informed.  So good job, Pam.

So let’s look at this blog situation.  What happened was somebody sent me a screenshot from Madam Fomo’s Snapchat and Instagram of some nude or semi-nude pictures that she was going to mail.  The screenshots were censored, removing any nudity (I guess, but she appeared to be clothed) and people’s mailing address.  Because she had pictures of envelopes.  But the return address wasn’t blurred out.  The return address was some office in New York and the complete address wasn’t shown.  There were some numbers missing.

So I see this and I think, “Should I really post this?”  Because the return address was there.  But this is something that she posted to a public forum..  And she posted this completely uncensored.  And it wasn’t her home address, it was just this shady business address.  Everybody ordering one of these pictures will get this address.  It’s on the envelope.  It’s not a secret.

I posted it and within minutes, Madam Fomo or her “manager” flagged the post for “revealing private information” or something.  She also got the pictures removed from the file hosting site.  Then I was banned the next day.

This is what she does.  She and/or her manager are very keen on reporting stuff.  Some loser called OverThinkGaming did a whole video about how Madam Fomo contacted him telling him to remove a video where he called her a “thot”.  So eventually he agreed to change the wording of the title, removing the word “thot”.  That wasn’t enough for Madam Fomo so she presented a list of comments in the comment section that she wanted deleted.  The guy agreed to erase them but that still wasn’t enough.  She wanted him to continue to monitor the comments and erase anything that’s critical of her.  He refused to do that.  She also, as a way of encouraging him, suggested that they could do a video together (not in the fun way) but he rejected that.

More recently, Madam Fomo got a video removed from a guy named Darius Truxton.  He talks about it here:

I saw the video in question.  It was an April Fools video called, “Destiny Fomo Introduces her Pimp” or something and it was just a screenshot from one of Madam Fomo’s videos and he Photoshopped some stereotypical pimp into the picture.  And reggae music played.  That’s it.  That was the video.

She reported it for “copyright violations” and it got taken down.  I’m not sure if you can rightly claim an edited screenshot as your intellectual property but who cares about the legal aspects of this?

She also got numerous forum posts removed.  She got my DestinyFomo sub removed, which makes no sense whatsoever.  I got no explanation for this.  It was removed for impersonating DestinyFomo in spite of the fact that I clearly was not doing that.  Is the AVGN sub impersonating AVGN?  My sub was clearly unofficial and it was also unused.  I posted twice on there.  The only posts were from horndogs looking for nudes.

I find it surprising that a woman who clearly does questionable stuff for money is so eager to report stuff.  She’s living the thug life, don’t most thugs handle their business differently?  They’re not going to the authorities to “squash their beefs” are they?  Maybe the game has changed.  Maybe I’m old school.

So it seems that I can’t post on Reddit any more.  At least not about female retro gamers on Youtube.  That’s a rule now, I guess.  You can’t talk about female retro gamers on Youtube.

I thought about doing a blog before.  Because that’s basically what the sub was.  Nobody else was posting stuff.  And what can anyone post anyway?  Fucking “memes” and whatever.  “Here’s a picture of Erin Plays with a Big Mac Photoshopped in her mouth”.  Yeah, that’s stupid.

I thought the forum on Reddit would have a bigger audience but I’m not so sure.  A lot of people seemed to find the sub through Google searches.  I don’t know if they’re searching for the names of the videos or like “erin plays” or what.  So this blog should appear in Google searches just the same way.  I mean, nobody is talking about these women.  It’s just me.  So I have 100% market share.

Even if nobody comes, that’s alright.  It’s not like the sub was booming anyway.  I never advertised.  I appreciate comments but it doesn’t bother me either way.  I don’t care if anyone reads these or not.

I posted on a forum for years, decades, that nobody went to.  It started off with about seven people and gradually it literally just became me.  And I continued to post for years after that.  The guy who owned the site eventually took it down so I offered to buy it from him and that’s what I did.  So I continued to post on this ancient forum that nobody went to.

I just like having a place where I’m able to write without the heavy hand of nerd oppression.  On all of these forums there’s always some fucking socially awkward loser who has nothing going on in his life whose sole enjoyment in life is erasing messages and banning people from an internet forum.  It’s pathetic but that’s the way things are done.  There has to be a better way.  The difficulty is that no healthy, well-adjusted adult has any interest in “moderating” a forum.  They’re too busy working, having sex, whatever.

So see how it goes.  I’m sure that Madam Fomo will try to have this blog removed too.  If that happens, I’ll have to find a blog with servers based in Russia or something.

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